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Chatbots in customer service

Relieve and optimize customer service!

Chatbots reduce the request volume by up to 80%

How can a company react to increasing inquiries in times of crisis when call centers are closed at the same time and staff capacities are becoming scarce?
A simple FAQ bot without “intelligence” creates quick and effective help.


  • Reduction of the volume of inquiries in customer service because standard questions are answered in self-service.
  • Reduction of the talk time because standard questions have already been answered
  • Increase in customer satisfaction because there is no waiting loop when using the bot and simple questions are answered quickly
  • Increased employee satisfaction because the same questions do not always have to be answered



If the desired response texts for special keywords are available, it can be set up within 3 hours.


Customer service employees can process requests in parallel. Customers don’t have to wait in a queue.

Optimal communication even in times of crisis


With our user-friendly web tool, all content is maintained directly by the customer.