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Corona Test Results via SMS

Fast communication of the CORONA test results via SMS

Relief of the health authorities and surgerys

Citizens are tested for Covid-19 (Corona) and should receive their test results as quickly and with little effort.

Current situation:

Overwork of employees – long waiting times for those tested persons

  • Telephone contact: Tested persons will be informed by telephone, regardless of whether the result is positive or negative.
  • Poor accessibility: Often several call attempts have to be made before the employee can reach the person being tested.
  • Long waiting time: A lot of time can pass between the availability of the result and the notification to the tested person.


  • It takes a lot of time to report negative test results, which blocks staff.
  • Even fewer resources are available for the important contact follow-up of people who have tested positive

Time savings through SMS solution

Solution: Communicate negative test results quickly and easily via SMS.

  • Tested persons will be informed of a negative corona test result by SMS
  • Content of the SMS: negative test result and, if necessary, links or further information
  • Message Mobile provides a simple web front end that can be used to send SMS.
  • Sender identification of the SMS can be personalized. E.g. HEALTH OFFICE or YOUR LOCAL SURGERY
  • Cell phone number including permission to contact will be requested during the test.
  • Positive test results are transmitted still personal.



The content of the SMS can be prefabricated and used again and again as an automatic template.


List upload possible to send SMS in bulk.
Insertion of parameters possible, e.g. name, patient number, etc.


With our user-friendly web tool, all content is maintained directly from the surgery, the office or the like.


Written instructions are easier to remember and can be looked up again and again by the patient.

GDPR compliant

Secure communication of sensitive health data via the official channels of the German telephone network operator is subject to the Telecommunications Act.

SMS web front end
– Corona test result via SMS –

With our Message Mobile web frontend (web tool), SMS with the Covid-19 test results can be sent to patients quickly and easily. Whether for individual numbers or a list of numbers – the patient receives his CORONA test result with little effort – uncomplicated, reliable and binding.

Message Mobile web frontend for sending SMS

Corona-Testergebnisse per SMS über Webtool von Message Mobile

SMS receipt on patient smartphone

Covid-19-Testergebnis per SMS - Smartphone-Ansicht


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