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Smartphones and Instant Messenger services like WhatsApp are the main channel for personal communication nowadays. Professional tools from Message Mobile help you and your company to communicate fast and directly with clients via Instant Messaging and also offer a great service that inspires costumers.

With Message Mobile as your strong partner, you easily reach customers via:

Your tool for Omnichannel Messaging

WhatsApp & Co. for your Business

Use our Instant Messaging Gateway for state-of-the-art

B2C and B2B Communication

With our omnichannel platform, you can communicate with customers straightforwardly via different messengers. We convert the message and send it to your system.

Technical Implementation


Why WhatsApp & Co.?

Available Messenger Services:


Instant communication

Get personally in contact with customers and increase customer loyalty

Communicate with many customers simultaneously

Multimedia communication:  Send pictures, videos & voicemails  High opening rates & coverage   Convenient handling Icons by Icons8

No Smartphone needed, just our gateway integrated into your system - replying to requests has never been easier.

The use of messenger services is conceivable and sensible in almost every industry.
To gain an insight, we present some use cases as examples.

Use Cases

energy industry:
Paperless & fast meter reading
supplier change service
fault report

statement clarification

 sports club:
Fan/Member Services

e.g. during game days

ticket sales

event industry:
Sale of remaining places
ticket alert
Event support

insurance industry:

claim report
proposal preparation


You can request further information in the form of a free white paper for the following industries.

energy utility

White Paper