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Our comprehensive and flexible technical help desk service is available 24/7/365 days. With our ticketing system we are able to create, update and resolve issues at any time.  

The helpdesk uses several tools to monitor the network and the applications. In order to detect system bottlenecks at an early stage and react before the occurrence of a fault, the status of the systems is visualized via a web interface.

The employees at the help desk are highly skilled technicians who undertake a first fault analysis and resolution. In case of serious problems that cannot be solved immediately, the helpdesk can access a service (24/7/365) of a system administration. Professional service management and monitoring is available 24 hours a day.


Data center

As a partner of the Materna GmbH, our computer center is located in Dortmund, Germany.  At all of the three data center locations Materna operates a high-performance intrastructure that works on network operator-level and allows the reliable management of the entrusted software.

The infrastructure of the data center and the messaging gatway meet the highest requirements of customers from the mobile, media and air transportation sector. Also, components of the german truck toll system are operated with high availability at the Materna data center. The security of the data center in different assessment areas such as physical security, system security as well as data security is certified by various audits and certificates.

Materna’s security policies comply with international standards such as ITIL® and national policies like the Telecommunications Act (TKG) and the BSI catalog. Materna is also certified under the PCI-DSS standard of the credit card industry.

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