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Message Mobile enables you to send your SMS to more than 1200 networks worldwide. With our adjustable systems, you can send any desired number of messages or Bulk-SMS. Of course, you can also select the sender and leave your company name or a phone number. With our messaging gateway, we provide options to reply by SMS or phone as well as transmission reports. We adjust our products to your individual needs and requirements: quick - individual - reliable.

Our portfolio

Bulk SMS

We offer a high performance SMS-gateway for the transmission of your Bulk SMS. You will benefit from our worldwide network of trusted partners: we deliver reliable routes at best prices. And last but not least or personal support will delight you.

High Performance Routing

All data are routed through our SMS gateway with maximum efficiency. If we notice a delay in the transmission or if the connection quality declines, routing will be adjusted dynamically: all messages will be diverted automatically to the most stable routes at the next best price. With this process we can guarantee to always deliver your favoured quality at best price.

Fixed network SMS (Voice)

With fixed network SMS - also called Voice SMS – you can send computer-generated voice messages to landline phones. Upon delivery the text message is converted by a software and read to the recipient by a computer voice. Voice-SMS are particularly suitable to inform employees or customers, as well as recipients who do not have a mobile phone or cannot receive or read text messages like senior citizens, elderly, blind and partially sighted people.


Save - immediate - and free of charge for your customer! Similar to SMS, the technology USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) is used to send and receive text messages. Unlike SMS, USSD messages create a real-time connection and the message appears directly on the screen of the user. Since USSD messages are never saved on the mobile phone, they are particularly suitable for payment procedures, warnings, error messages or for authentication procedures.


Communicate directly with your customers

Quick - individual - reliable

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 Textnachricht als Voice-SMS veresenden



Bulk SMS

Voice SMS



Discover now our new Routing Options:


With our simple API you can easily connect to our messaging platform and send SMS to nearly every network in the world. Messages with more than 160 characters will be sent as concatenated SMS.

Additionally, we offer different response options for your clients: via SMS or phone call. Your clients can reply to your message using their preferred channel and get in touch with you directly. Thanks to our intelligent data processing we can create complex scenarios for your customer service handling. We are happy to discuss the different possibilities with you personally.


Discover our new Routing Option: Coverage includes only direct network connections and approved directs of selected partners (1-hop) at best prices

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