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Secure mobile payment systems –

quick & easy

Increase your sales and improve your

checkout experience.

Mobile Payment – quick & convenient

Enable your customers to use their mobile phone in order to make a payment. Message Mobile offers the ideal cash less payment solutions for your business and is a reliable partner at your side. We provide comprehensive mobile payment solutions such as SMS payment with Premium SMS Services and Online & Direct Billing. With our e-commerce products, you can simplify purchasing by offering your customers a secure payment solution for mobile and online payments via credit card or debit – everything from one source.

Payments on the internet, by telephone or mobile phone can be simply charged via the phone bill. No complex registration procedures needed and impulse buying is triggered faster! The corresponding payout of dividends takes place directly from Message Mobile every month. We provide you with a mobile payment gateway within safe, secure and reliable e-commerce environments.

Premium SMS & Online-Billing

Pay per SMS

With Premium SMS services, you can easily charge your digital products via the mobile phone bill. Provide your customers with competitions, chats, voting, game downloads or similar!

All these services can be accessed by your customers by sending a SMS to the required short code.

We offer two types of short codes:


A shared short code is used by multiple companies. Providers are distinguished by the use of different keywords. Shared short codes are a great way for any size of business to save money on group text messages.


A dedicated short code is exclusively used only by you. All messages send to this short code are associated with your service and you have access to every SMS keyword possible.

In addition you can send personalized messages with our clear transmission-tool. A variable sender ID allows your customers to respond immediately. As a sender ID, we offer you a short code or a long number (also: virtual mobile number, long code), that appears as a regular mobile phone number to your customers.

We offer the following payment methods:

  • MO Billing: (Mobile Originated) The customer is charged for sending the Premium SMS.
  • MT Billing: (Mobile Terminated) The customer is charged by receiving the Premium SMS.
  • SMS subscription: The costs are calculated at each received Premium SMS or in blocks for the entire subscription.
  • Flexible billing: According to the keyword different prices will be charged. In addition, we provide billing for each item or cumulative billing of a grand total for various items.

WEB & WAP Billing

Pay per click

Message Mobile enables you to charge value-added services with all german networks and thus reach a very large target group. Use online and mobile payment gateways for single payments or subscribed services.

When using WEB billing, the customer has to type in the personal mobile phone number on your website. Then the customer receives a payment code, which he can use on your website to get the requested service.

When using WAP billing, the customer confirms the payment amount on your mobile website. The mobile phone number is automatically detected and the amount is charged to the mobile phone bill. Fast, anonymous and secure!

Applicable for:

  • charged downloads
  • charging of online services
  • credit top ups  

Voice Billing

Pay per call

Voice Billing offers an attractive cross-media marketing channel! When calling a premium phone number, the consumer pays an additional charge to his regular bill. Depending on the business model the billing will be charged by minute or per call.

  • chats
  • competitions
  • information services
  • call center
  • support


Near field communication enables a safe interaction between two devices when they are in close proximity, allowing the secure exchange of various information. Customers use a NFC-enabled phone at the point-of-sale and initiate the payment process. Thus mobile phones are an alternative to wallets. Many consumers have NFC technology embedded in their phones already.

Applicable for:

NFC provides a range of benefits to consumers and businesses through different services:

  • cash less payments
  • paperless ticketing
  • online streaming
  • downloads
  • access control


We are pleased to advise you personally how to use mobile payment!



Mobile Parking is the most flexible way of paying the parking fee with your mobile phone. By sending a SMS, the customer can pay the ticket within seconds via SMS payment. Along with the convenience of a free reminder and renewal option by SMS, the user can save time and avoid parking tickets.   

Owing to the many years of experience and with our mobile payment gateway, we are able to offer arrangements that make payment flexible and allow different fees depending on the region, day and time. We are the reliable service partner of many municipalities, as well as an international mobile service provider for mobile payment processing.



Purchases on an online portal can also be paid via the mobile phone bill or the prepaid card. The customer receives a code by SMS (PIN) which can be entered into the provided mask on your website.  By entering the particular TAN the transaction is authorized and triggers the billing process via Message Mobile.  Likewise, mobile transaction numbers (mTAN) are used for online banking. The bank sends the user a “mobile TAN” upon request via SMS to the pre-registered mobile phone number.  This method increases the security of the payment process, because the TAN is valid only for a few minutes and only for that particular transaction.

Increased security.

No need to maintain and memorize a PIN.

Simplified use!